Download Real Pic Simulator

Real Pic Simulator new version 1.3

System requirements

  • Windows 32-bit compatible system (Windows 2000/XP or higher)
  • Processor - Pentium compatible
  • Speed - the higher, the better
  • Linux users - can use Wine to run Real Pic Simulator


This is a limited functionality demo version. You cannot save projects, save to ASM file the disassembled program. The trial period is 30 days.
The download includes a user manual and project examples, both located in the installation folder.
Please buy a license to get the full version.


For users who receive an integrity check error, it looks like a Google Chrome specific problem, try using Mozilla Firefox to download Real Pic Simulator or run the installer without integrity check:
RealPicSimulator.exe /NCRC at the command prompt.

Change log

Real Pic Simulator 1.3
Release date: April,10 2010
  • fixed: save button type to project file for "Push button"
  • fixed: save oscilloscope trigger info to project file
  • fixed: save "Function generator" pause state to project file
  • fixed: LCD 4-bit read problem
  • fixed: "UART Terminal" error if no serial ports present
  • fixed: decode CLRW instruction*fixed: some 12-bit devices FSR
  • fixed: buzzer on windows7, also improved
  • fixed: notation for "Next/Prev follow Up/Down"*added: option to preserve EEPROM on reset
  • added: save settings (like radix and "preserve EEPROM")
  • added: more example projects
  • improved: Interrupt-on-change for all devices (that have it)
  • improved: can edit RAM values in "Memory map"
  • improved: "Note" visual component is sizeable

Real Pic Simulator 1.2
Release date: July,29 2009
  • fixed memory leaks
  • fixed STATUS register related bug*improved drawing
  • improved performance
  • improved memory usage
  • implemented complete character LCD functions
  • added trigger to "Oscilloscope"
  • added pause function to "Function Generator"

Real Pic Simulator 1.1
Release date: July,7 2009
  • improved real-time simulation accuracy
  • improved detection of RAM and program memory banks
  • improved simulation for PORT tri-state and output latch
  • improved simulation for existing visual components
  • now calls outside the user code are ignored, this eliminates the "Out of code" produced by calling OSCCAL calibration
  • added "Check for updates" in Help menu
  • added visual components:
    • Graphic LCD-Buzzer (speaker)
    • Function generator
    • I2C serial EEPROM memory
    • DS1307 I2C Real time clock