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Real Pic Simulator is a professional pic simulator for Microchip(tm) pic microcontrollers. The simulation process is done in real time with user interaction through different visual components. The main goal of this project is SPEED and we can proudly say that this is the fastest pic simulator on the market.

The advantages of using this tool:
  • for professionals, companies - while waitting for the PCB prototyping the development of the firmware can be done, more than one developer can work on the same project (board) without the need of an extra development board
  • for PIC hobbyist - you don't have to buy expensive pic emulators and pic debuggers
  • save time - the PIC microcontroller is not easy to debug without the appropriate tools, Real Pic Simulator is the perfect tool for this job

All PIC compilers are supported.
Real Pic Simulator imports the HEX or the COD file resulted from the compilation.
Very easy to use, after the HEX file is imported, place (drag and drop) the visual components that you want to use and make the connections.

Currently the following visual components are implemented(more to come):
  • LEDs - turn LED on or off
  • UART terminal (software and hardware) - serial communication
  • Analog source - set analog pin values
  • Push button - set inputs high or low
  • Character LCD - display text on LCD
  • Keypad - read up to 4x4 keypads
  • 7 LED segment display - LED display of seven segments
  • Oscilloscope - digital oscilloscope
  • Graphic LCD - display graphics on LCD
  • Buzzer (speaker) - output sound to PC sound card
  • Function generator - customize input streams
  • I2C serial EEPROM memory - simulate a 24C64 (8KBytes) serial memory
  • DS1307 Real Time Clock - read time with I2C protocol

New version Real Pic Simulator 1.3 available

Real Pic Simulator

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